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A look at Richard Lowery's beautiful 1967 Westfalia SO-42 from Kirtland, Ohio
By Bruce Simurda | March 4, 2013

OWNER: Richard Lowery, Kirtland, Ohio VEHICLE: 1967 Type 2, Samba Westfalia SO-42 STORY: It goes back to July of 2003 when Richard’s son, Timmy, was about 6 months old. His wife, Stephanie, Timmy and Richard were on their way to some friends for a visit when he said to Steph, “Honey, some day I think I might want to restore an old VW van.” They stopped at a light and his wife pointed across the street and said, “Like that one?” They ended up looking at a 1967 VW Westfalia, and after some negotiations, a few days later he was driving it home. Timmy is almost ten years old now, and they just finished, having spent a weekend camping at a local lake last summer.
THE REBUILD: Richard started by taking everything apart, and removing the entire interior. Next it went off to the bead blasting shop for a complete paint removal and epoxy primer application. Once this was done, for the next five years on and off they began the restoration of the body. With all new rocker panels, battery tray, and a variety of other metal fabrication parts, they completed all the welding and bodywork, both interior and exterior. Next came the complete rebuild of the engine. Richard kept it stock, and completely detailed all of the parts. Most panels are powdercoated, as are most all other parts on the vehicle including the wheels.
Next came the front end rebuild. All new suspension parts including front disk brake conversion. Off to the paint shop for five months of part time blocking and sanding, after which the body paint was applied. Back to the Lowery’s garage for about two years of work on detailing the exterior and completely redoing the interior with new cabinet laminate and flooring. Richard thanks Stephanie, and now two sons, Timmy 10 and Sean 6, for putting up with him during all those late nights in the heated garage.
EXTERIOR: PPG base coat/clear coat in VW Salsa Red (3 coats), VW Cream (3 coats), and clear (5 coats), sprayed by Russ from Conley Collision. Color wet sanded/polis

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