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Beautiful 1961 23-Window Bus sold for $148,500.

Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale, Arizona 2014 auction Results

23 Classic Volkswagens go on the auction block this past weekend in Arizona
January 21, 2014

This past weekend, 23 classic Volkwagens went up for sale at the famous Barrett-Jackson Auction, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here are the results from this past sale. 1971 Karmann Ghia coupe (stock) $12,100; 1971 Squareback (custom) $13,750; 1964 Bug (custom) $8,800; 1961 Bug (custom) $13,970; 1971 glass Buggy $14,300; 1969 Bug (Custom) $18,150; 1970 off-road Bug $14,300; 1957 Bug (custom) $22,000; 1979 Bug convertible (stock) $16,500; 1966 Bug (custom) $5,500; 1965 Bug (stock) $7,700; 1970 Karmann Ghia (custom) $12,650; 1969 Bug (custom) $10,450; 1974 Thing (radical) $23,300; 1969 Double Cab (custom) $36,300; 1962 Bug V-8-powered $13,200; 1970 Bus off-road $16,500; 1968 Bus (custom) $30,800; 1960 Double-Door Van (custom) $27,500; 1966 21-Window Bus (stock) $110,000; 1961 23-Window Bus (stock) $148,500; 1962 Single-Cab (custom) $34,650; 1966 West Camper (stock) $24,200; For a complete look at the sales, go to:

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