Mark and Paul Schley share this photo with Will Lemster, who located two ultra-rare American Racing 18" magnesium wheels with aluminum tires, originally designed for Phil Knight's VW streamliner, back in 1971. This photo also shows the hand-crafted model that Phil Knight made to show what his dream streamliner would look like.

New Additions to the Schley Brothers VW Museum

Thanks to Burly Burlile, the Schley Museum now has more treasured Bonneville items from the past
By Dean Kirsten | April 6, 2015

Photos by Dean Kirsten

Today was an exciting Monday over at the Schley Brother's VW Museum. A number friends stopped by and added to the collection of rare VW racing items from the past. Front and center, was the hand-crafted wooden streamliner model, made by Phil Knight, back in 1970. His VW-powered streamliner only ran one time, back in the summer of 1971. This model will go on display in a special Bonneville display.
This model was made out of hard wood by Bonneville racer, Phil Knight, who graced the cover of Dune Buggies & Hot VWs back in 1971.
Today's group included Burly Burlile, Tom Bruch, Will Lemster and Richard Davies. Tom Bruch brought by some of the parts he made back in 1961, using stock 36/40hp parts and modified them for more performance. Like welding a dome to a stock VW 40hp pistons, and flycutting valve relieves so his engine would run over 11.0:1 compression! His cam was HAND-GROUND and FILED to change the base circle and increase the duration and lift. And even though each lobe measured differently, this cam still made a lot of top end power.
Welded dome on a stock 40hp piston.
Home-brew balancing.... using a drill press back in 1961.
Talking early performance pistons with Tom Bruch and Paul Schley.
This stock 36hp cam was hand-ground on a bench grinder, then hand filed and polished smooth.
Tom shared some of his treasures with us today.. You must remember that very little information was out there in 1961, let alone being able to purchase these parts over the counter. This is where VW performance started from, guys like Tom Bruch that made their own parts.
The Newport Trophy has been up-dated with the latest winner of the 36hp challenge, Jerry Avis for running 116mph this past September at Bonneville, using a stock bore and stroke 36hp engine, fitted with a home-built turbocharger. This trophy will be on display at the Schley Museum until next September, where it will be taken back to Bonneville for the next top 36hp performer.
Another new item at the Museum, a Deano Dyno-Soar ported head, featuring the small deano stamp under the rocker arm stand... Deano used this stamp on cam gears as well (but not always).
Richard Bell inspects this rare, aluminum tired, American Racing, spindle-mount 18-inch wheel. It was never actually used on Knight's streamliner, as he crashed it before the wheels arrived in Wendover, Utah for the race in 1971.

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