PPG base/clear in Victory Red (3 coats), black (3 coats), and clear (4-5 coats), sprayed by owner, wet sanded/polished. Metal work, fabrication, assembly, body work done by owner.

George Stavropoulos's 1966 Microbus

Whitby, Ontario, Canada
By | June 19, 2013

This has been a six-year journey/adventure. I met many interesting people along the way, from nice southern folks in Chattanooga who asked if we knew John and Mary who lived on a lake up in Canada, to a stoned-out parts guy in a bus (that was a lesson for my two boys on what drugs will do to you!). I got the bus done just in time for a local VW show (Vdubfest) where we won a Top 10, Best Paint and Best in Show — what a thrill! Our three kids just LOVE cruising around in it. Whether it’s out for ice cream or to a show, my five-year-old daughter thinks we’re in a parade since people wave or honk and give us the thumbs-up.
Narrowed front beam with flipped spindles and front 944 calipers (VDUB engineering), rear IRS with 944 calipers, welded-in pivots, 100mm flanges/stub axles/CV-joints, Wolfgang axles, 16-inch Porsche Boxster wheels, 195/55-16 front and 205/50-16 rear tires.
Thanks to the folks at CIP, Lanner, Cliff, and the countless others I’ve run into in search of parts. Also thanks to our three children Noah (11), Jacob (8), and Olivia (5), and special thanks to my beautiful wife, Amy, who understood this madness of mine and put up with it (though I think she also enjoys the attention we’re getting too).
Front seats recovered (TMI upholstery), rear jumpseat and bench/bed, cabinets, RetroSound stereo head unit, VDO gauges in overhead vent, Fat Mat and jute felt everywhere, retractable front belts, red/black panels with polished aluminum trim. All done by owner.
2007cc with 78mm crank and 90.5mm forged pistons, 40x35.5mm valves in Mofoco heads, dual Weber 44IDF carbs, CB linkage & filters, solid rocker shafts, swivel feet adjusters, 36-horse doghouse fan housing, Pertronix 009 pointless dizzy, NGK plugs, deep oil sump, full-flow oil pump, remote oil filter & cooler with fan, Engle W-100 camshaft, chromoly rods, 55-amp alternator, stock 8-doweled flywheel, ceramic-coated tuck-away header to a single quietpack muffler. Lots of TLC. IRS with 4.12:1 ring & pinion, welded 3rd and 4th gears, heavy-duty side cover, Super-Diff, bus nose cone, Sachs clutch.

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